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White Label

Your brand our technology

HAZIE allows you to customize the ready-made platform with the feel and look of your own brand based on our existing technology. This enables you to expand your offerings without producing a new platform from scratch, which allows you to quickly scale your offerings, optimize costs, and increase revenue. HAZIE empowers you to work efficiently.

How does it work?

HAZIE provides a “plug-and-play” platform for your business, a talent acquisition platform that is seamlessly tailored to suit your brand. The only thing you need to do is “decorate” the platform to match your Corporate Identity(CI). With the help of HAZIE White Label, you can add your company’s name, logo, icon colours, corporate emails, components of the text and some elements of the platform to align them with your brand comfortably. After full customisation, you will be ready to get cracking right away, on your own conditions.

The benefits of White Label

  1. White Label allows you to focus on your business’s core competency while we focus on the technology.
  2. Strengthening customer loyalty and trust
  3. Building brand credibility
  4. Saving resources, money, and time, necessary for new solution development and deployment.
  5. Optimizing cost, necessary for technical platform management
  6. You Get to Focus on What You’re Good At While we focus on the technology
  7. Avoid handling all issues with software licensing, data center space or servers, costs on logistics and tech support.

We partner with a number of HR technology providers

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