HAZIE | Talent acquisition digital platform
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1. Having trouble with uploading documents? 

Feel free to send an email to our support team on Info@hazie.co.za


2. Have you forgotten your password?

Click on “forgot password” on the sign in page. Then you will get an email with further instructions.


3. In what ways does your talent acquisition platform support a positive candidate experience? 

Our platform provides transparency to the candidates by allowing them to live track their application, to see where they are within their applications.


4. What complementary support resources do you offer?

HAZIE has a dedicated team ready to help with any questions/queries you may have. Feel free to email Info@hazie.co.za


5. Having trouble with logging in?
  • Sign up first to create an account before you can sign in
  • Please check that you have verified your account by clicking on the link that will be sent via email
  • If you have tried the above and still fail, send an email to support@hazie.co.za


6. Can I email applicants from within the system?

Yes, you can. There are email templates set up on every candidate that you can use.


7. Can I share vacancy listing on social media?

Yes, from the web app on the details of the application there is a share button for the different social media platforms.

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