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What is Hazie?

Hazie is your Digital Career Placement platform that aims to assist you close the gap between you and your next big move.

What Inspired Hazie?

Job seekers spend a lot of time uploading/sending CVs across various websites, not only is this time consuming but also repetitive. Hazie was inspired to make this process more efficient and effective. Job seekers no longer need to fill out lengthy forms, Hazie will capture all this information within a matter of seconds and only once.

Easy Signup

It’s easy to signup on Hazie, with multiple options to use from. Your information is secured.

Access to Applications

Access to application is as easy as scrolling on your time line, you see all the applications from the categories you selected on onboarding.

Seamless Application Process

With our seamless application process we take your general information that goes to your profile and you do not have to enter it again when applying for different applications.

Explore the following categories on Hazie

Bursaries Application/s
Bursaries Application/s

Learnerships Application/s
Learnerships Application/s

Graduate Programmes Application/s
Graduate Programmes Application/s

Internships Application/s
Internships Application/s

Job Application/s
Job Application/s


We are always one step ahead.

No Hassles

Hazie understands you better, no need to spend hours sending out CVs, let Hazie takes care of that for you.

Automatic Reminders

Hazie will send you an instant message if there is any new job that matches your specific requirements.

Job Search

You can search for jobs within any field, areas, expertise, etc that you may like.

View Latest Jobs

We give you immediate access to view the latest advertised jobs in real-time

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